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Silent lessons of Arturo Montoto
Arturo Montoto
"My current work is the result of an inquiry in the environment of the pictorial visualidad of post-Renaissance inheritance, modeled by the resources of the representation in the western tradition. It interests me a lot the way in that the historical Baroque deploys its theater and it converges in that silence area that the Italian metaphysicians conserve from their predecessors of the end of the Middle Ages. The detained event in the time and the unconcluded narrative, they give sign to the space in that the shades converge, marked by the light, and they point out an object without transcendency, frugal and simple, unusual and strange, but also with hedonism and at times ironic. I seek that my work transcends the pure aspect of the frank belief in the representation attached to the truth, and attract the spectator toward the reflection space on the identification intentions of that represented with the reality through the conventions of identity and likeness in that we have been educated."

Arturo Montoto

August 7, 2003