critical texts


Ileana Mulet. Words pronounced during the exhibition Puertas
César López
...Neruda asked, “Air in the air? And the man, where is he?” Ileana answers, “The man is in the city, he is in the house; he is protected by the doors”. And we see that, except for a few exceptions, in all of her painting there is the human creature. Either a balloon or also looking through a window ―because there can not be doors without windows; windows are complementary to doors―, and the creature is there, no matter whether kidnapped, assaulted, or slept, slept in the warmth of the landscape. Those pieces of sky, those blue spaces that appear in almost of her paintings, evoke futurism, hope, confidence, which are not only green, but we can see it in the city too, and in Ileana Mulet.
It makes no sense taking so much; the interesting thing is overcoming these doors to enjoy what Ileana Mulet does in this counterpoint of the concrete and the imagining.

Words pronounced during the exhibition Puertas [Doors] at La Acacia art gallery by the writer and poet Mr. César López, awarded the National Prize of Literature, in 2003.