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Saved Sleep
Eusebio Leal Spengler
Sueños Salvados

Today is the exhibition of his dreams, of his visions, and of the spiritual world so powerful that helps him to create. In front of a blank canvas is where he really shows the survival of his talent and the strength of an inspiration.

Just a moment ago, appeared behind those painting, and also at his place, while I was talking to him, the poems, the suggestions, the profiles, the lights and the shadows that inspire such a beautiful and genuine work like his is.

And I say beautiful because beauty is a mysterious matter established between the lover and the beloved; there is no exact replica and no one can say that it is a form into another. It is an intimate relation; it is a vision.

José Martí used to say that he had expressed those mysteries in his poetry, while he had seen them, and therefore his poetry was true, and when he stopped seen them, he stopped painting them. It is exactly the same with Ernesto García Peña; his paintings flow like brooks into the growing torrent of great masters of the Cuban painting. The concepts of color and beauty of splendorous figures of painting like Carlos Enrique and Servando Cabrera Moreno, for there is no shame in being a disciple; grows in stature in everyone’s eyes he who is talented enough to give one more step in time regarding what we call the evolution of the aesthetic concept of a society and period.

It is for this reason that we are attending to a party today, to a beautiful party of the Cuban art and culture.

It is precisely the triumph of those feelings of beauty inseparably united to love, to the carnal love, to the passion exuded and barely contained, to the memory of what we have lived and what we will live still, to what we see in others either they are dressed up or naked, because we come naked to this world and full of outrages, ―like mi grandmother used to say―, we spend our time in this earth ashamed of our own face, that is our body.

This painting is a cult and worship to the body. A timeless worship, a cult of beauty, a passionate giving in to a creature that is the fleeting visitor of poets, painters, and of all artists, and that is no other but the Inspiration.

Some people have experience, but they lack of it, and some have experience but lack of talent, and some have these things, but they lack of inspiration.

To the artist and to his inspiration goes this homage from us all; and for him, a tied hug from his friends and from those friends who find themselves today spiritually expressed in every one of his works.

(Eusebio Leal, words during the opening ceremony for the exhibition Sueños Salvados)