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Street Sculpture. Project of sculptures exhibition on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the foundation of CODEMA.
Tomás Lara
Street sculpture
Cuban contemporary plastic arts are still in debt to future generations for the lack of environmental sculptures in our cities. In the same way we have inherited the earlier generations’ monuments and environmental sculptures, as a cultural testimony of certain historical and social periods, today it is our duty, as generation, to erect the artistic urban legacy that identifies and distinguishes us in the present century.
Although probably not always in the best way, our cities have grown bigger without attributing qualities to the urban spaces through emblematic plastic works at the same time as to the housing structures.
Economic instability has been a sort of Sword of Damocles, severing any attempt in this sense. During the last half century our country’s economy has not have its moment, therefore we must get to the conclusion that without a political and cultural will capable of understanding that this is a social need and push ahead with it, we could not break the ice.
The CODEMA, as the leading institution of the MINCULT (Ministry of Culture) for monument and environmental sculpture, ha insisted over and over again in this purpose; the International Environmental Sculpture Forum “CODEMA 2000” and the exhibition “La Pequeña Gran Escultura” (The little Big Sculpture), among other events, have been expressions of this will. Cuban artists have become unconditional allies in such intention.
This exhibition is justly in keeping with the group of actions carried out by the CODEMA in order to raise the awareness of those who can move resources for this purpose. Our cities need the presence of environmental plastic works in the urban spaces we live in to make the city environment more human and beautiful.
Escultura Transeúnte is an exhibition organized in two big sculptural facilities, located in museum-resembling public spaces in Havana City and Santiago de Cuba, where sculptors from the five Eastern provinces meet together....
The presence of artists from different generations and aesthetic expressions, demonstrates their will in one single cultural purpose: the presence of contemporary plastic works on our streets.
(Project of sculptures exhibition on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the foundation of CODEMA. Curator: Tomás Lara)