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Ernesto Rancaño
Mario Jorge Muñoz Lozano
Ernesto Rancaño
–What does friendship mean for you?

–Like love, it is vital, necessary; without it I can not do anything. I could not do anything alone. My friends complement me.

–Why is the hummingbird always present in your works?

–When I was a student at San Alejandro, a professor told us during a lesson that every human being resembles an animal and asked us to find out what was ours. I chose the hummingbird. I think is the animal I take more after. Because I am calm and at the same time restless. And I am just like that, shy and nervous. Some friends even call me Hummingbird. For me, it has become a luck thing, an amulet. In our house’s el balcony we have a feeder with sugar and I do not go away until I see a hummingbird.

–Along with virgins, goblins, and angels, in your works there are also very earthly characters like José Martí, Ernesto Che Guevara, is that a contradiction?

–Those virgins and angels are in a very spiritual level. They are not subjects, but symbols of spirituality. Through those images I have tried to show the best part of human beings. That is the same Martí and Che tried to do and what every honorable man that longs for what is best for everybody looks for.

–How would you paint Cuba?

–As a matter of fact, I do it all the time. Everything I reflect is Cuba.


The owner of a prodigious hand, maker of beautiful fantasies and stories, the artist is always thinking in something new. “In my work there are like four ways of making and they all go in parallel. That is because inasmuch as I make progress, new ways appear and I like each one of them”.

–Then, what is creation for you?

–A punishment.

(Excerpts from an interview granted to Mario Jorge Muñoz Lozano and published in the Bohemia magazine under the title of El sabor del castigo, 20 de January 20th, 2006, Year 98, Number 2, pages 8-10)