critical texts


In Manera del arte de Roberto Fabelo (fragment)
Antonio Eligio Hernández (Tonel)
...All this tell us about a work in motion, nonconformist, open to risks and prepared to avoid routine —also the most dangerous, always involved in the deceitful glisten of success and flattery. A work that has imposed, tenaciously, the humbleness enough of its means and has made substance of all its processes, exhibiting them, stripping itself through them. A work, therefore, mature and unfinished in which every spectator, with patience and a bit of complicity, will be able to find himself portrayed —I mean, outwitted...

Antonio Eligio Fernández (Tonel) (Artist and art critic. In Manera del arte de Roberto Fabelo. Words to the catalog of the exhibition Trabajos en el proceso. La Acacia Art Gallery, January 1997)