critical texts


Words to the catalog of the exhibition Un poco de mí, Roberto Fabelo (fragment)
Hortensia Montero
...Roberto Fabelo integrates the local and international context with an authentic language. His references to intercultural movements link him to the international artistic discourse without losing his identity. His concern about the environment, the nature and the participation of the viewer in this enriching essay, expresses the coherence of his creative arsenal. By incorporating materials or found objects, he tries to get closer to his culture in an obvious interest for an acquaintance with his habitat. The joy of his collection of anecdotes goes beyond the expressions of human experience, creating a universe where reality and non-reality exist side by side with the characteristics of everyday life...

Hortensia Montero (In Un poco de Fabelo. Words to the catalog of the exhibition Un poco de mí. National Fine Arts Museum, April 2003)