critical texts


Eladio Rivadulla
Jorge R. Bermúdez

(...) The Cuban movie poster had an interesting precedent in the promotion of foreign films since the ‘40s. Associated to this poster genesis there is a name: Eladio Rivadulla Martínez, and a technique: serigraphy. What started then and was systematically continued during the ‘50s, lay the foundations of a serigraphic tradition in Havana.

(...) Rivadulla has designed more than 3000 books and periodicals, as well as more than 3500 posters, mainly about films, politics and business.

This enormous work of a whole life enriches and ennobles the Cuban visual culture in general and, especially the graphic culture. If we can say now that we are the only country in the world with more than a century of uninterrupted serigraphic work, regarding the poster, that is in part due to Eladio Rivadulla Martinez’s work. (...) Rivadulla’s professional career clearly show how important man still is, (...) To this man and the culture he represents, we pay homage, knowing that true creation, no matter what it comes from, can only be made by men who have been men of their time.

Dr. Jorge R. Bermúdez. December 2000.