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Words from the catalogue of the Monotipias, Juan Ramón Chacón Zaldívar
Ángel Millares Vázquez
The earliest works by Juan Ramón Chacón Zaldívar which I knew were several monotypes whose formal composition was based upon fusiform (spindle-shape) structures. The series has been motivated, undoubtedly, by the monstruous, and then recent, Crime of Barbados. From those works I could notice that Chacón would be one of those artists who need conceptual motivation or emotional stimulus in order to face his visual art interpretation.

Afterwards came the grotesque images from the Dictators´series; for reaching, some time later, nature, in the infinite and amazing designs of leaves and flowers. However, those multiform creations of nature do not become a theme for Chacón, but true human microcosmos which open to imagination and to the spectator´s inner world, from which depend, lastly, the visual and emotive result.

By keeping himself within the possibilities of monotype, Chacón returned to motivations, but now within the poetry by two Vicentes: Huidobro, the Chilean, and Aleixandre, the Spániard. In these two series, Chacón achieves a doble significative process: each verse works as suggesting springboard for his own visuall recreation, while every concrete work, at the same time, projects itself as an open theme which is only required in subjective vision, eluding, at the same time, abstraction and illustrative orientation.

These simple and at the same time complex ways of nature, has served to this ...painter for structuring complicatedos mirrors from the lyrical or anguishing, from the refined or the grotesque, from the quiet or the violent, or from contradictory fusion from these and many other expressive values.

Thus, the inanimated real, transforms into the human real or through a twin leap which Chacón was able to delete along the artistic process of his works, giving the public a broad margin of communication with the painter, and also with the poet.

(Angel Millares Vázquez. Words from the catalogue of the Monotipias de Juan Ramón Chacón Zaldívar catalogue. January, 1981)