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Catalog to the exhibition Ever Fonseca, Oils from 1968 to 1971
Jorge Rigol
The first thing which attracts the attention on Ever Fonseca is the long and sustained encouragement of his painting, his mighty imagination, the wide environment in which he is thinking up.. That passionate meditation on the human being and his crucial conflicts that is, definitively, the motivation of his work, is visually expressed with extraordinary formal wealth and acquires not a very frequent poetic dimension within the Cuban painting. His powerful personality, but with such a visualness which allows him to register the subtlest and most opposed psychic reactions, it takes him to face the most ambitious enterprises. From there those as visual cosmogonies, those "recounts" of human being´s struggles against negative and adverse forces, that hymnal exaltation of love and spring prevailing over destruction and death, that epic poetry of revolutionary ongoing. Ever Fonseca is a new necessary voice within Cuban visual arts. A voice of so wide register that he simultaneously admits the candor of a primitive one and the greatest handmade wisdom, the lyrical comment and the philosophical reflection, the highest moving tension and the intellectual speculation. Ever Fonseca incorporates to the Cuban painting with the authority and the step of those who arrive to remain .
Jorge Rigol (In: catalog to the exhibition Ever Fonseca, Oils from 1968 to 1971, National Museum of Fine Arts, 1971, National Council of Culture).