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First Version of Ever
Alberto Jorge Carol
In 1932 André Breton wrote: "the future poet will overcome the idea of the irreparable divorce between action and dream". In 1971, Ever Fonseca´s work genuinely confirms the prophecy. Heir, not follwer, of that avant-gardé, imagination is not a rupture with reality in him - still with the intention of reconstructing it - but enlarged reality and reinforced by poetry in a family act. The liberation of the subconscious, , not absurd, but an enormous magic equivalence expressed with the spontaneity of the story-teller and with the resonance of a whole appropriation of Nature by Man. Much more than intellectual allegories, than irritation of the perception, here is not of "joining of two realities seemingly impossible to conciliate, in a level which appearance is not convenient for them" (Max Ernst) because here the appearance has won a new, coherent convenience, at sensuality level, the first-born grace, the consistency kept by this fable-maker of the Cuban fields with Life. In his paintings, animals, moons, people coexist. The man participates on the matters and on the world, and het treats them on equal terms. But on the admirable solution of a detail - where technique is so right that it becomes secondary – it cares the environment, the entirety underlined by the transparency which floods instead of dissolving, with the earth and sea, of the air and the forests colours.. And from each inch it grows, it expands and magnifies a gravitating plenitude. Another time for everything, Ever surprises: his visual solution at the same time that giant is small, at the same time that overwhelming it is tender, at the same time that dramatic it is naive, and at the same time that naive, sensual. Again Nature and Man are loosened in a poetic contradictory environment. Again the man opens up in a contradiction which poetically appropriates the natural thing and itself. Ever Fonseca is, undoubtedly the most solid mythmaker, at least, of our generation... And at the same time that a surrealist development, the intersection, the right incarnation of the intimate spirit which unites Carlos Enríquez, Abela, Lam, Acosta León and even Amelia within the Cuban tradition. Deeply Cuban, deeply painter, deeply man, his art deserves everybody´s attention and love.
Alberto Jorge Carol "First Version of Ever" In: catalog to the exhibition Ever Fonseca, Oils from 1968 to 1971, National Museum of Fine Arts, 1971, National Council of Culture).