critical texts


Manuel López Oliva
Roberto Fabelo
López Oliva has been painting and engaged in Art criticism for over 25 years. The chessboard-like floor of his studio, tainted Pollock-like, is an interesting story of the conduct and obsessions of this man, whose works I think we are yet to know profoundly. His portraits of heroes of the 1970s, colorful and informal, are the genesis of those of today, of anonymous ordinary men but likewise remarkable in their human and imperfect shape; most of the time masked people or inhabitants of horrible places, inflamed and hot cathedrals, which were the object of many of his work during the 1980s. We can see the successive sediments of these long years of pictorial prominence in the qualitative side of his current work. His absorbed aces are one of the probable images of humankind on the verge of extreme situations. That is my vision of Lopez Oliva today, pilling up all the energy and wisdom he can, pledging in situ a final departure, and without diminishing in any way his condition as a good art critic, I raise my hand for the excellent painter he has always been. Roberto Fabelo 1995