critical texts


Taken from: Catalogue Voces del silencio

Cosme Proenza´s creative universe is ineffable evidence of trade mastership and creative sensitiveness. The metaphores coming from his images create and special environment whose matter comes from evocation and yearning. As a delicious elixir of utopia, his imagination pours over the truthfulness of his landscapes, the depth of his vegetations and the waving flight of the mantles that come into life by themselves. Thus, he manages recreate the truthful presence of non-real insectas and non-thought beings, with the misterious docility of their anatomies and the fragile tissues of their wings. Within the colorful cross-breeding of his criatures, within the fascinating transparences and within the sweet submission of colour to chiaroscuro demands, within the inconmensurable remotenes of his perspectives and in complicity with his mists, lies the convincingness of his impossibles. Within the dramatic duality of his lights nd shadows and the embracing baroquism of his scenes, lies the tenderness of framework, the musicality of his exhuberances and the entangled web of reminiscences and contributions. Then, the beauty of his sets and the lyrical sensuality of his creative desires, come to light.