critical texts


Silent Environments
Alberto Garrandés
" ... it is the silence, austere and magnificent; it is the desertion of the centralidad fónica that levies to the works of Montoto whenever our exam takes into account, with wisdom, the slip of its meanings above its significant ones, to say it in linguistic terms. But, could we use other?. The realism of the detail, or the meditation that is accompanied and does it aid of that category, does he have their origin in a paranoiac and methodical game that summons to the real thing and their words. Because when being resided in recognizable morphologies due to the paradigm that they court, the silent environments they don't make more than to confirm Arturo Montoto's physiologic suprematismo, an artist that transforms their works in a luck of reserved delirium ...."

Alberto Garrandés, narrator, essayist and editor. Taken of the words to the catalog of the sample Silent Environments", March-April of 2004, Galería Servando.