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Catharsis of the painting (fragment)
Corina Matamoros
" ...The canvases of this Lesson of painting are expression of torture. The one broken into fragments and dark architecture dialogues now with objects that the title returns catastrophes, painful or piercing. A drama takes place in each canvas transformed into Sep, circulating escenográficamente for among the learning easels. As if the true lesson of painting was the sarcasm of the mimesis, the irony of the verisimilitude, the tragedy of the hand and the eye that you/they paint a landscape for where one can escape. While more sensual the brushstroke, more grows the jeer; while more delight of the vision, more sense is the deceit.

Tragic, in the pristine Aristotelian sense it is the painter's dilemma that, conquered absolutely by the painting, he ridicules of her. As the big characters of the Greek theater, the artist fights against her relentless destination, against the seduction of the painting, against her hand teacher, against her pupil's ancestral perspective, against the lost time, against the calamities of the circumstance: Eros and Tánatos marauding the scene. Catharsis of the painting."

Corina Matamoros, healer of contemporary Cuban art, National Museum of fine arts. Taken of Catharsis of the painting", rehearsal. Catalog of the Exhibition The lesson of Painting", April-May of 2004, National Museum of Fine Arts.