virtual exhibitions 
  Total: 96
Eduardo Ponjuán. National Prize of Plastic Arts, 2013
Osy Ávila Milián. New promotions.
Douglas Argüelles Cruz
Adonis Flores.
Jorge Wellesley or the text as pretext
Nelson Domínguez
The Tenth Havana Biennial
Jorge Rigol: The master
Eduardo Rubén: Fade out
Marta Arjona
Carlos Guzmán
Sculpture and tradition
Fifth Salon of Cuban Contemporary Art
Edel Bordón
The mystery of the painter Juan Moreira
Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal
Mural Painting in Cuba
The City and its fountains
The Naive Art in Cuba
The way of González Puig
CHE. A glance to the future.
Carmelo, a genius and a figure
Samuel Feijóo… and amazing painter
Víctor Patricio de Landaluze. His work and time.
KCHO, between the sea and the jungle.
CHAGO or The Dreams of the Alert Wakefulness
Marta María Pérez. Strategies for imprisoning the soul.
Cuban Post-medieval Painting
Cirenaica Moreica
Alicia Leal: from the window
The image of the people in the Cuban graphic humor.
Ileana Mulet
Colonial Fortifications
A Guajiro from the coast
Vázquez Martin: Painting on paper
Vitolphilia: Art and tobacco in the 19th century
Reinerio Tamayo. Imagination without barriers
José Miguel Pérez
Pedro Pablo Oliva: National Prize of Plastic Arts 2006
Eugenio Blanco Rodríguez (Ludovico)
Political graphic. First revolutionary decade.
Antonio Vidal: Living Abstraction
Colonial Gallery
Art Deco architecture and interiors in Havana
Rocío García
Agustín Bejarano: to paint the history
Plays and lights: Ernesto García Peña
Street sculpture
From Silence to Screams. Amelia Peláez, Antonia Eiriz
Ernesto Rancaño
Rafael Blanco: the precursory humorism
Roberto Fabelo. 2004 National Plastic Arts Award
A city for blind people: Arturo Montoto
From the IX Biennial of Havana: the Cuban sample
Leo D´Lázaro
Luis Enrique Camejo: the city
ARES: Psycho- humor
Salvador Corratgé: Beyond color
The Massaguer´s exhibition
Emilio Heredia
Enrique Lacoste Prince´s humor
Art is useful: Jorge Luis Rodriguez and Angel Madruga
FRÉMEZ: National Prize of Plastic Arts 2005
Eladio Rivadulla: Pioneer of design and printing in artistic serigraphy; of Cuban film poster
Rafael Paneca Cano
Juan Padrón and the vampires
Don Quixote in the Cuban Visual Arts
José Felipe Hernández Vargas
Eduardo Hernández Santos
Juan Ramón Chacón Zaldívar
The Cuban young art from San Alejandro´s classrooms
Eduardo Miguel Abela Torrás
Manuel López Oliva
Cuban monumental and environmental sculpture
National Prizes of Plastic Arts
Flora Fong: from Camagüey to Cantón
Osneldo García: National Prize of Plastic Arts, 2003
Fernando Pendás: a curtain to pull back
Cosme Proenza: An Unknown from Vasari
Rafael Zarza. Tauro-portraits and Masks
Isabel Santos, The Lady of the Wax
Silent lessons of Arturo Montoto
Abisay Puentes. Meditate
Kadir López Nieves. Fish in the floor
Pepe Rafart: Tradition
Belkis Ayón: Images from silence
Secret City. Carlos Estévez
40 Years of the Experimental Shop of Graph of Havana
Adigio Benítez: Rescue of the illusion
Cuban painters of the Avant-garde